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Two Halves of my Soul :iconwiltingsoul:WiltingSoul 0 0 Faun :iconwiltingsoul:WiltingSoul 1 0 Mermaid :iconwiltingsoul:WiltingSoul 2 0 Mother of Dragons 2 :iconwiltingsoul:WiltingSoul 2 0 Mother of Dragons 5 :iconwiltingsoul:WiltingSoul 3 0 Mother of Dragons 4 :iconwiltingsoul:WiltingSoul 4 5 Mother of Dragons 3 :iconwiltingsoul:WiltingSoul 5 0 Mother of Dragons :iconwiltingsoul:WiltingSoul 2 0 Stalking :iconwiltingsoul:WiltingSoul 2 0 Elegant :iconwiltingsoul:WiltingSoul 2 0 Huntress Unmasked 2 :iconwiltingsoul:WiltingSoul 2 0
Three stand before me.
Effortlessly disguising the raw strength I know they possess.
I am not afraid.
I am exhilarated
A sense of belonging I've been so desperate for, I have now found.
Golden irises flash, black pupils reflecting the light in a show of familiarity.
I am one of them.
They know that now
The change comes swiftly. Overtaking my body, forcing me low to the ground. It's over before it starts.
My second form is better than my first. I can keep up with them now. This is what I look forward to every night.
Moving low across the ground on lightly placed paws. Senses alert to everything that surrounds me.
The freedom I have now is overwhelming. Pleasant in every way possible. I never want it to end.
And yet it must
Eventually I am forced back into the less graceful of my two forms. Sunrise is on it's way, yet I am not sad.
My pack is still here, lying around me as we rest, my naked skin flushed from the exer
:iconwiltingsoul:WiltingSoul 0 0
Girl Skin
So alone in the darkness.
Night blind.
Catching only glimpses of silvery moonlight reflecting off damp leaves.
Something is creeping close.
Fight or flight time.
I cannot defend myself in my human skin.
Alone I am weak.
Glowing red eyes creep ever closer.
The demons have arrived.
My heartbeat races and I clench my fists tightly.
The demons smile wickedly as I throw back my head.
My exposed neck sends them into frenzy.
They are blind to the sly smile I now wear.
I take a deep breath,
preparing myself.
The demons slink closer,
thinking I’ve given up.
Certain I’m ready to gasp my last breath,
screaming as they attack.
I release the air I’ve gathered.
But I don’t scream.
I howl
The demons pause in their advance,
momentarily startled by the outburst.
The howl trails away in the night,
my breathing now ragged.
For just a moment time freezes.
The demons hiss in anger.
How dare I try to stall them.
A single howl will not
:iconwiltingsoul:WiltingSoul 0 0
Hidden :iconwiltingsoul:WiltingSoul 4 0 Strike a Pose :iconwiltingsoul:WiltingSoul 3 2 Fiercely Real :iconwiltingsoul:WiltingSoul 1 0

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Monarch of the Sea :iconsadiekate:sadiekate 9 6
Broken Little Girls
Broken Little Girls
Broken little girl's
innocence are taken
when not yet reaching
the age of 3
When touched by other
broken children in an
effort to under stand
Broken little girl's
don't tell mother the
numerous incidents that
have accured
They tape it up in a
tainted pretty pretty
princess box that dwells
within their soul until
until forever...
Broken little girl's
don't tell how much it
to have a father deny you
his love
They lie and say that's why
men are shitty and frivalous
and won't ever understand them
so they aren't worth the time
Broken little girl's
make every man pay for
every unjust that's been
given to them
They don't understand
how one is different from
the other
How one man can change the
world around you for the better
while another can make your very
universe fall to it's knees
Broken little girl's
still have hope
that one day the box
lying within can become
unobstructed and in return
set them free
They want more than anything
to be claimed new
and free from t
:iconimani:imani 2 12
Water flow :iconconfruffled:confruffled 2 5 Somewhere in Heaven... :iconshinga:shinga 16,988 3,376
Bulb Extinguished
Awake in the Darkness
confused and alone.
I would turn on the light,
but the bulb is dead.
Fears consume me,
and the tears began to flow.
Desperate for help,
but knowing none would come.
The Shadows were circling
like sharks in the water.
Their thirst for new blood
was at its peak.
I opened my mouth
and shouted
"Go away! Leave me alone!"
But no one heard,
no one cared.
Heart pounding
as hard as it could.
I laid back down,
rested my head on the soft pillow,
and closed my eyes.
I would pray,
but the Angels have forsaken me,
only They would of heard it.
They are the ones that feed in the Darkness.
Confused and alone
in the Abyss
that thirsts for my blood.
No one can save me,
for my light is dead.
:icononewhoisloved:OneWhoIsLoved 2 8
Moonlit Vampire-05 :iconvamphunter777:VampHunter777 0 9
The Letter
He sets the letter down,
Runs to the phone
And dials her number.
The first ring...
Then the seconded...
His heart beats
Panic rising.
The third ring...
then an answer.
Her voice is weak but calm.
He responds,
Are you alright?
Are you OK?"
She coughs,
Breathing Heavily.
"I don't want to die...
Just make it stop,
Make the pain stop!
Let it end,"
He hears a thud on the other side.
"Hello! Hello!
Are you still there!?
No answer...
He drops the phone
Runs to the car
And races to her.
The house is dark,
The curtains drawn.
He tugs on the front door,
But too no anvil,
Its locked.
Runs to the back,
Stumbles up the porch stairs.
"Hello! Hello is anyone there?"
Rips the screen door open,
And pushes on the next.
It opens.
This room is empty,
As is the next,
And the next,
And the next.
One door remains,
Light pushes through it.
He opens it and sees
The artist that he loves
Has painted the room
With the warm liquid
From her own veins.
Her eyes are closed
:icononewhoisloved:OneWhoIsLoved 3 10
I'd Never
I said I'd never lie
But I lied for her
I said I'd never cheat
But I cheated for her
I said I'd never steal
But I stole her heart
I said I'd never kill
But I killed my fears for her
I said I'd never be greedy
But I can't get enough of her
I said I'd never hurt again
But I hurt myself wanting to be with her
I said I'd never love again
But I love her
:iconabaddon-inu:Abaddon-Inu 5 24
Heaven Forbid :iconi-heart-photo:I-Heart-Photo 710 422 Dark Rose :iconabaddon-inu:Abaddon-Inu 18 25 Growl :iconrev-jesse-c:rev-Jesse-C 12 21 The Hollywood Dream :iconctrlaltvamp:ctrlaltvamp 151 53 Just After A Glimmer :icondjstrife:DJStrife 75 77 Spread the Word :iconbethhhhh:bethhhhh 597 114



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